Camel Treks Australia works happily with both public and private secondary schools with students from across Australian year levels 7 - 10 to create postive and memorable learning experiences. 


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 Dear Karen,


I’d just like to thank all the staff at Camel Treks Australia who were involved in the Year 9 Camp last week. The feedback I have received since the group returned has been overwhelmingly positive and it sounds like a great time was had by all. Michael is already planning his return to the Flinders Ranges in June next year! The photos Michael returned certainly show magnificent country, happy campers and great weather, what a perfect combination!


Please book a group of a similar size in for Monday 6 June – Friday 10 June 2016.


Thank you,

Kind Regards, Kirsty. 2015



What an absolutely incredible journey I got to have last week. It was an unforgettable experience.

Harry Year 9 student. 2015


Student feedback from Camel Treks Australia's Trip Advisor page - * 5 Star Review

I just got back from my year 9 school camp with Camel Treks Australia. We came with a group of 21 people including two teachers. It was a truly amazing experience seeing the Flinders Ranges and what it has to offer. We didn't just trek, we got to meet an Aboriginal Elder Auntie Pauline who showed us how to skin a kangaroo, hunt for grubs and she also told us some dreamtime stories. 


Throughout the camp we cooked our own food which was delicious, we got to sleep in swags under the stars and we also met some other locals who talked to us.

The experience with the camels was really good, we got a real hands on experience with them as we were allowed to brush them each morning and help saddle them up. Having a group of 21 people didn't give us the best chance to ride on the camels, but we each rode at least once per day. But this didn't really worry me because of all the other cool things we got to do along the way. Overall it was a great experience and Karen and her team were very helpful.

Jack :) 2015




















Camel Trek Feedback from a group of 20 female students surveyed following camp - 


  • on a scale of 1 - 10 where 10 is 'amazing' students averaged a total ranking for all activities of 7.9.

  • Five students mentioned that cooking in camp ovens in groups was their highlight alongside camel riding.  Quote - " It was amazing. It helped me alot in my cooking ability. I also cooked the pineapple cake which we learnt on camp when I arrived back home."

  • They all loved sleeping in swags and being able to see the stars before falling asleep. They found them warm and comfortable.

  • They almost all wanted more camel riding.


Staff feedback - 


  • The girls enjoyed it and were tired at night so there were no challenges settling them for the night.

  • Loved the swags which were brand new.

  • Good fresh food.

  • Accommodating staff.

  • Photography results were good with tuition irrespective of cameras being used.

  • High priority was placed on safety.

  • Cooking was enjoyed by the girls.

  • The Bush Pastor and program in general was interesting. 


Jack's Go Pro footage of his five day camping experience with school mates and

Camel Treks Australia. Footage of camel riding, climbing and Aboriginal cultural learning.

Hi Karen,


Ah, the crew arrived back in high spirits on Friday afternoon. From all reports to date it was a great camp and a great time had by all. I asked all 4 staff if they would be prepared to do it again next year…..and the immediate response was “absolutely”!


Yes, I will speak to Jodie and crew when they come back to school after the break  but in the meantime, can you pencil in Sat 24/9  -- 30 /9, 2016 for Willunga please Karen.


Kind regards,


Libbi Turner   September 28th 2015

Dear Karen,

I wanted to thank you and your eclectic team for the care and valuable experiences and knowledge that you were able to share with my enthusiastic bunch. Cameron has glowing reports of your organisation and skills with the food!

Thank you once again,

Julie ( Class 7 teacher) September 2015