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Our camp cooks involve all of the students with camp fire cooking and meal preparation. Some other activities on trek include: compass navigation, map reading, camel shepherding, and camel husbandry skills such as brushing, saddling, and feeding.

Bushwalking, photography, collecting of fire wood, and campfire construction are also part of the participation experience as well as campsite creation, team building games, and initiatives, and nightly campfire cook-offs between divided groups. At the end of each day we wind down with a campfire and marshmallow roasting!

Where are we located?

Camel Treks Australia is based on Beltana Station Flinders Ranges, located 500km north of Adelaide. This historical station was once the epicentre of camel activity in the country! Beltana contains some of the most impressive views of rugged ranges and landmarks in the region as well as rolling sand dunes where students are surrounded by the serene natural beauty of this ancient landscape. 

Experienced guides lead journeys through gorges, valleys and spectacular ridges. There are many creek beds lined with beautiful River Red Gums. Students will enjoy star gazing, open campfires, stunning sunrises and sunsets, with magnificent photographic opportunities. Spot kangaroo and emus and more...this region is a special place to be explored and enjoyed!

Outdoor Education Outback S.A, Flinders Ranges, Yrs 7 - 12

Photography, film, camp fire cooking, geology, Outback history, Aboriginal history and dreamtime stories with Adnyamathanha Elders, Afghan Cameleer and early European history, camping, flora, fauna, astronomy, bush walking, map and compass navigation, creative writing, journalling, drawing, painting.


Camel Treks Australia takes curriculum out of the classroom and into the Flinders Ranges Outback South Australia, one of the oldest landscapes in the world. Camps are designed in consultation with school teachers. We aim to complement each school's philosophy, providing students and teachers with enjoyable safe outdoor education. Camps are based on guided self discovery learning with tasks that develop communication, decision-making, problem-solving, resilience, team building and leadership. Photography is one of the main optional extra subjects school elect. Schools can add other extra's into the experience including geology, astronomy, map / compass navigation and survival skills.


Beltana Station provides spectacular varied landscapes to explore. Whilst camping outdoors, students sleep in comfortable warm swags for an authentic experience.

How much is provided?

We provide all-inclusive camp packages – rates vary depending on the program and length of stay. We recommend 4 day / 4 night fully inclusive camps and work to set a budget to best suit your schools needs, and teachers stay free. This is a 100% camping under the stars experience with all meals included. Other additional extra's include all or one of the following - geologist,  astronomer, photographer, and drawing artist teacher.


How will our group arrive?


Camel Treks Australia frequently works with Genesis Tour and Charter coach company. We suggest scheduling camp dates to coincide with their public run in order to mitigate costs for the school. We are happy to assist schools by obtaining quotes for return transfers from Adelaide. Contact Alan.  

Camp Location


Teachers and students can join us between the months of March through October.  Groups wake up at the dawn of time in one of the oldest landscapes in the world.  We journey through ancient dramatic panoramas, peaceful tree-lined gorges, rocky water holes, and a seasonal wealth of wildlife create a sense of expanse unique to this semi-arid zone.  


Sleeping under the southern stars in one of our comfortable swags is a highlight for many students. For most students this will be the first time they have slept as an Aussie swagman. Our swags are fully lined and insect proof with a net that allows you to fall asleep gazing at the night sky.

We are conveniently located in South Australia, 500km north of Adelaide City on the Parachilna to Leigh Creek section of the B83 National Highway. Entry to Beltana Station is signposted on the right hand side where we will meet you. Depending on the time of year and availability, we can also offer specialised trek camps on Clayton Station, 50 km northwest of Marree. Camel Treks Australia staff will advise which station your trek is scheduled to start on.